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Live It Up Without Lighting Up! <3

Live it Up Without Lighting Up Global Movement#LIUWLU kicked-off with a smashing dance party bursting with a zest for life on 21 March 2012.

Had one of those crazybusy days at work but still managed to sneak in a nice lunch at Tai Hing with one of my fav milk teas. 
It’s iced at the side so it doesn’t lose its gao (thickness) and it never fails to give me some kinda buzz. Mr TimO was great company too.

Later that evening, enroute to the party at scape…caught some gorgeous skies.
Guess God felt like painting with the sun, clouds and rain.

Scape Warehouse was packed out with youths and guests attending the Live It Up Dance Party. The official dance party of the LIWLU Global Movement 2012.

When I got there, ushers passed me my media pass & booklet and escorted me to the vip table where a cosy buffet of food and beverages were lined up.

 Crowd was buzzing lights were dimmed. People were laughing at the photowall with instant print outs. Nifty. You wouldn’t have thought it was a smoke-free campaign. Impressed some.

But I guess that’s really the whole point, that we were always meant to live it up and rock it, just without the lit hey.

The night was packed with highlights, a LIVE IT UP Song & Dance, a dance competition, an attempt to set a record for the most no. of Twitter followers w/in 2 hrs and DJ Inquisitive and S.O.F to dance the night away. Thank God for Daniel Ong who could fort the massive line up and oh so naturally engage the crowd.

The Live It Up Song & Dance was a collaboration between a team of smoke-free muzos and local songwriter Patrick Cng. They include Sam Cooper from Pug Jelly, Martin Kong from Carcoal and ShiGGa Shay, an up-and-coming rapper. (the name..I know. Don’t mock) haha. A dance remix of the song was produced with an instructional dance vid choreographed by Zaini Tahir, Asst Director for Artistic Devpt at Repubic Poly. Fun number. Great spirit.

Dejan Tubic one of Hollywood’s top choreographer lent some star power to the night. He’s choreographed for shows including America’s got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance and has over 40million views on his youtube. Won’t be surprised if a huge chunk of the views came from Singapore, seeing how plastered to YouTube we are. 10 teams took to the stage for the finals. Here’s some of our favs!

The ever gorgeous Collete and I:)


A huge range of genres. Some were sexy, some were edgy. I’m not and will never be a bona fide dancer but i dated one before and my girls dance, and yeah I’ve watched alot of recitals/comps and this one wasn’t all too bad at all. The Celine Jessendra troops had a medley of items as well. #KPOP  *.*

One word: HIONG.

Then it was the 3 way battle for the final 3 teams! *HOLLERR*

While waiting for the winners..munched on a carrot..I keep havin carrot shots lately. Bunny tendencies.

voyeured interesting hair:
                         (tuff of blonde curls and blonde+green braids)

and….took pics with the cupful of cutes:
Naomi Neothe cutest hamster ever , Collette and Geck Geck!

And finally the winners!!

3k to the top winner- Fad Fashion and 2k to the runner up. Sweeeeet…

Then it was time for the partaaay with the guest DJss…..

And in true girl fashion, we decided to mess with the photowall! 

The pro looking pics from Collette’s super pro camera.

The “trying to be arty and succeeding some” pics from my iphone. hahaha

It isn’t everyday when diverse youth from all over the world unite in celebration of a common cause - advocating a tobacco free lifestyle in all ways youth and all ways loud.

I’ve been actively supporting a smoke-free world for the past 3 years since the Miss Singapore Universe hey days and I reckon I’ll keep this cause for a long time.

I’d like to quote Miss Miles on this:
"Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day will cost approx. $4,000 a year – that can buy me 2 designer bags, or a trip to Europe (why would anyone choose cigarettes over bags or a holiday?!)."

WORDDDD! I’m saving for a trip to Isreal sooo i get the maths for this one.

Left the place with nothing short of a dorky smile…On the way back…D came to pick me!! (SO SWEET)

And as usual we tried to play weird games. This round it was standing for a long time under the bird poop zone at Somerset while the birdies were squawking and pooping their guts out. Stand there and smile…Dude… of course I’ll nail this one…

Until… the poop hit the left and right of me and I felt something wet in my head yo!

While you can’t control bird pooping you can take control of your life.. hahaha
(see what I just did there?)
Check out for tips on how to ditch the cig or help someone do it, cuz i say let nothing or no one be your crutch.

Love Living, Live Loving. 

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We all Rub Off each other. Just what?


With the likes of Bill Johnson.. who I wanna be like when ‘I grow up’.

It’s been a whirlpool of intense wisdom + experiences that if I told you everything, you may either self-combust,
ask me 2000 quetions
of which half i will answer “I dunno”,
or like many remain skeptical and self made.
I’m cool with all results. Cuz I’m unoffended like that.
More on the conference another day, or maybe even another year.
Things like that often start-off like an acorn

I’m a squirrel. God gave me some acorns. I’ll eat some, share some, and grow some into giant oak trees :)

Stay with me while I try to articulate the immensity of what’s spinning in my head.

So, I’m trying to make it an annual affair to go for conferences and such just to toss out the rigors and same ol’s of life, and to focus on things that
:) Matter much to me..
   The part of me that I never want to forget or dilute just cuz life got busy
:) New issues I want to understand and make important

Like last year’s epic affair in the Shakers conference:

Or the women’s conference a bunch of girls and I went to that etched in our hearts a sensitivity towards human trafficking. One that we will always stand up for and put our hearts, prayers, money and efforts to.

Live beyond the bubble we’re put in.

We just have to.

We were made with a capacity to live beyond our state. Perhaps some more than others, but a life that revolves just around one sphere will eventually see a cessation in all growth.

I’ve come to figure (and still am figuring) that it takes a lil bundle of effort to live life adventurously, yet with a wisdom beyond the comprehendable years of experience.

Free, and adventurous living comes with just a tad of planning and a whole lot of experiencing. Contradictory? Think about it.

Its not about extremes, though some extremes are awesome. But if you want to still live responsibly, you gotta plan some slots and set the stage for the impulsive and outta-the-world moments. ;)

Like planning your breaks, your soul food time, your love sets (dates and such), and making space for having the most important conversations in the world. Those with God.

It could be a rooftop, a cave , a toilet bowl, the shower, brunch (queer order i know)

And some times in louder ways like conferences and gatherings of like minded people. I’ve learnt from a sagely free sprited soul that these are called hot-spots. Cuz belief leaks, and i believe, so do convictions.

Work, School, Environments and culture has a way of shaping us and well..
Rubbin off.

So what rubs off?

My brother made a joke that dirt and dry skin rubs off when two get tight. Leaving behing a smoother finish after. Corny but deep.

I rarely talk about my relationship(s), just because the experiences are often so profound , or like some of the past ones, stupid, that I’m not sure where to start.

One day I will write a book, but for now I’ll start with lil chapters.

I’ve been appreciating this of late.
The wisdom of sticking to dating people with similar value systems aka ”equally yoked” . Many have issues with this. I won’t get into that. Life is a giant yarn of choices we make. So this is mine and these are my experiences.

I’m not talking personality types or character traits. This also does not refer to the hotness metre, sexual attraction and our list of must-haves. Those are all important, pertinent in fact to how any couple thrives…

But I’m just zooming in on belief sytems. What qualities,values and aspirations the duo has beyond the material. Cause that gives me a glimpse of the things that will keep us sticky in the tough times, and the kind of adventures we’ll have beyond the soccer/shopping great men/women divide.

It moves into the realms of where/who we would give our money to. How we plan our big events and the small minute details and how we correct or respect each other.

How we see each other as imperative to getting to the next implosive/explosive point of life. And the lil things like why we laugh, why we don’t laugh at some matters and how we just can’t sit and pretend a section of life that doesn’t sit well with us don’t exist.

We also don’t content with feeling helpless about anything. We contend it. We have a mutual source pool of love and ideas and we’re learning to tap it. We agree with seekin advice at the price of our pride only to find out that everyone goes through the same silly sh*t and pits and help is rendered.

We cry, disagree, make up, laugh, marvel, play pranks.


So we rub off each other like that. He’s huge on the highs of life. The joys and the convictions. I’m huge on the affairs and process of compassion and wisdom. So we rub those off.

Any conflicts/ friction/ adjustments? Triple check. But there’s no shortage of laughs and fun and moments which will anchor us.

So some ask.. this is it ah? the one you’ll marry?

Dude.. How I know la..

But with the God-ness, goodness of our supernatural story so far. I can sees us pulling through the tough-tougher times.

Love is a life time of learning.
But to comprehend its profound depth and extent, it’s juvenile to use human measures to quantify it.

It’s too quickly diluted.

ooh red velvet from ___(insert trending hipster cafe name)…this must be love
I got my ipad 3!! #loveee
LOVE is in the air…Vday..bears and balloons.

Bleah.You get the drift.

Try it.

Find Love thats unexplainable.
One that’s all about YOU. That’s unmeasurable.
Then find someone who belives in that same definition of Love.

And then maybe … you’ve found your story.


Still deep in thought,


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Sidenote: LIVE IT UP.Without Lighting Up

On a sidenote, which I’m infamous for. Sidenotes.
I saw this on you tube called the "Live It Up Dance"

The dance and music is all local, and while we’re hardly at the peak on an international platform. I say SUPPORT LOCAL EFFORTS.

Song’s written and produced by Patrick Chng, local song-composer and producer. Performed by consortium of smoke-free performers from local bands and ShiGGa Shay, a local rapper, rapped and remixed the song  for the dance. Fine effort guys!

Dance was by the folks at RP. I wish they had some clothing sponsors though. Cuz that’s not even what I’d wear to bed…SO SUPPORT LOCAL EFFORTS EVERYONE!
Adidas, puma, nike and folks, make their efforts shine!

Anyway since 2010 I’ve been an advocate of a tobacco free world. Yes got the t-shirt been through the mocking. But facts are facts and I rather care. I’ll be popping by the “Live It Up Without Lighting Up” global launch party at *SCAPE Warehouse to show support for a tobacco-free world.

I like movements and cutting edge initiatives. The ‘Live It Up Without Lighting Up’ Global Movement is launched in Singapore and then moving GLOBALLY.International organisations and Wong Fu, who support the movement, plus youth all over the world will be encouraged to create their own Live It Up Without Lighting Up global movement.

The event encourages youth to lead a tobacco-free lifestyle and create a tobacco-free world;

4 key aspects: better looks, fitness, spending power and environment. And we can do or own thing…if we’re not to caught up with ..haha ourselves? or the many other trending issues from halfway around the world.

So while we’re captivated by global movements like #STOPKONY, it would be pretty apt to be part of kicking start this worldwide movement. So learn the dance , read more about the heart of the matter and love your friends enough to tell them to reduce /quit the ciggie (or joint) and replace it. All voids and habits just need a better filler.

Create more and find out more at

(Log on to the  FB page to RSVP for da partayyy on Wed 21 March. Holler if you’re there!!!)