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We are counting down the days to  the finale night of #GraceUponGrace2014 ! 

Our master craftsman Chuan put in a total of 25+++ man hours on this and we are in awe. 😱 #GodStories & more about HIS goodness in our lives coming up this Saturday 13 Sept and another week to the finale exhibition on 20 Sept. 

Truly no better time to live🎉❤️ #thankyouJesus!!!

We are counting down the days to the finale night of #GraceUponGrace2014 !

Our master craftsman Chuan put in a total of 25+++ man hours on this and we are in awe. 😱 #GodStories & more about HIS goodness in our lives coming up this Saturday 13 Sept and another week to the finale exhibition on 20 Sept.

Truly no better time to live🎉❤️ #thankyouJesus!!!

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SK-II #ChangeDestiny

If you’re strolling by Tangs in Orchard Road you may have noticed the SK-II PITERA™ POD.


I popped by last Monday, 25 Aug when SK-II launched its Change Destiny campaign in Singapore.


The brand now looks to inspire women and men around the world to change their skin destiny and discover a future of beautiful forever. The event saw SK-II loyal users and local celebrities George Young and Rebecca Lim who gave insights into what the concept of changing their skin destiny meant to them.


I think more than what the celebs “swear by” on stage, I was happy to catch up with bona fide fan and loyal user  Gillian Tan - an amazing kick-ass, real woman - as we chatted about our skincare experience.

Despite being a busy professional, Gillian has one of the most amazing skin I’ve seen, often glowing with hardly any make-up on. Since the last time we did a shoot together (check-out the pics I’ve managed to dig out!) and our random event bump-ins, I have to say she still looks Great.image

Behind-the-scenes from our last shoot!





Alongside gorgeous real women: Elizabeth Tan, Annabel Tan, Viola Tan, Serena Adsit & Gillian Tan

Sitting pretty in print edition



In SK-II’s latest Skin Destiny Study, scientists looked at women, the skincare they swear by and their skin conditions at 30, 40, 50, 60, and even 70, to unlock the secret to lasting crystal clear skin.

The launch event also unveiled the SK-II Skin Age Wall of Fame which featured an impressive number of more than 50,000 women in Singapore who had taken the first step in beginning their journey to Crystal Clear skin.



The inspiration and findings of the Skin Destiny Study are found in SK-II’s interactive Skin Playbook. To find out more, access it here !


Till 5th of September 2014, head down to the Pitera™ Pod at TANGS Orchard and discover YOUR skin destiny with the SK-II Magic Ring test and receive a customized 3-pc sample kit and a 7-day sample kit of the new SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream.

If you guess your skin age correctly before the test, you Win an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 1-pc (worth $22)!

You have three more days, so head that way if you’re in town!



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How about a cup of fanTEAstic - from your resident apothecary

Just the other day, my older brother recounted a story about how I used to mix & create strange concoctions as a child and make people (like him) drink my brew. I thought back about the quirky kid-version Annabel terrorising those close to me as I was cutting up a nectarine in my kitchen to mix with mulled mint leaves, blueberries & sparkling water into a weak tea brew.

My brother’s story reminded me that I’ve always had an apothecary streak in me, believing that with the right herbs, spice, fruit and tea, ailments of life can be well, sipped away.

As a kid, I thought I was weird, best case scenario - kind witch with good remedies, but now at the age of (erhem yes) 29 going on 30, I like to think it’s an innate streak in me that’s simply ahead of my I mean look at the surge of bespoke bars, and the reservoirs of cocktails & mocktails out there! Even TCM has been repopularised and herbal remedies are given fresh lease of life with people tuning their beings back to nature.

And Lipton is right in sync with the way our world is evolving, as they’ve put in place creative ideas to encourage people to take a breather from the busy-ness and savour the simple moments in life at any time and any place.


I absolutely concur.

To inspire consumers to create and experience a variety of Lipton moments, I recently attended a perfectly well put-together event by Lipton, featuring British raised tea-drinker George Young who together with The Cufflink Club have come together to create 16 unique recipes of cocktails and mocktails mixes with a variety of Lipton tea. It was absolutely my kind of afternoon!


The event was held at a lovely black and white house along Mt Pleasant Drive with intent to make guests feel like we’ve escaped the hustle & bustle and stepped into George Young’s home for an afternoon of tea and shenanigans. The way he greeted us at the door & offered us a drink gave it that extra personal touch.imageOur welcome drink was a choice between a Peach Mango tea mocktail and a Passion Raspberry cocktail in jars with our initial on them. (Great party idea so fewer glasses get mixed up!)imageThe Sunshine Serenade and Dark Passions – our refreshing welcome drink on a humid dayimageimageThe furnishings within and around the house made a beautiful set-up for our “afternoon delight”.

I got to catch up with friends I’ve not seen in ages and of course when beautiful, intelligent people dwell, photos are in order ;)imageimage

With Tommy Wee, Seth and Jean Danker.


We then proceeded to the cocktail making area for the Masterclass, which was just as beautifully set up. (I found myself repeatedly saying that throughout the day “Oh how lovely!” hahaha)

imageimageHere’s my spot! With an unhindered,unadulterated view of the above … men-in-action.

I was so thrilled with all the equipment & fresh ingredients (& lil jars of secret things) placed infront of me. SAVOURING THE MOMENT YO!image

imageHosted by the delectable Jean who was a lovely sight for any eye in her gorgeous get-up. 

George and Joel (from The Cufflink Club) brought us through the Masterclass with some really fun, simple steps to make a solid mocktail and cocktail with fresh ingredients & a variety of Lipton Tea.

I always have a stash of Lipton tea at home, usually a basic black tea and a fruit infusion of some sort so I was paying close attention to how I can make a refreshing drink of dancing flavours with a simple tea bag or two.imageMulling berries & making cocktails!

One of the reasons why Lipton tea bags are best suited for these cocktails is because its wide variety helps keep taste fresh and interesting AND I learnt that the pyramid tea bag shape allows for better infusion of flavour and aroma. Naise.image

As we listened to the handsome blokes banter and give instructions, the crew at my table were all focusing very hard - guys why so competitive!

imageimageJust mulling and mixing, shaking and serving! Oh yeah, nearly pro now. & TADA! The Fruittea Red Crush is served!


imageSavouring a Lipton Moment & enjoying the fruits of our Tea-dious labour. (Get it get it?)

Here’s the recipe for the FRUITEA RED CRUSH:image

3 Raspberries
1 Strawberry

30ml Lipton Forest Fruits Tea
30ml Vodka of your choice
20ml Honey Syrup:
Mix 2 parts honey to 1 part water
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

4 Thai Basil Leaves
1 Strawberry

Next up was a refreshing mocktail called the Maple Twist!  FYI, you can put the cock in the mock by adding your choice of alcohol. Just make sure it goes well with the overall taste. 

imageMy work-station getting a lil messier at this point. I especially liked the special plum bitters they added in this mocktail, that one lil drop made magic. Now whether or not we did it right is determined if there is a layer of frothy foam when we strain our drink…imageAnd there you have it, two amazing drinks in a session with fresh ingredients and Lipton Tea!


imageLike my workstation, my hair got a lil shaken up and tousled, but hey I’m happy there’s froth.

Here’s the recipe for the MAPLE TREE TWIST!

8  Red Grapes

60ml Lipton Yellow Label Tea
20ml Maple Syrup
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Dash Plum Bitters

Red Grapes

Had a cheers moment with the fellas upfront. Well … I guess we could say that my hen’s party started then! Cocktails, afternoon tea and the men who serves them!image

We proceeded to another room for canapés and more luscious cocktails and mocktail treats, by then a storm was on display but that didn’t quite dampen the mood, in fact everyone was just chatting cosily & listening to the interview between Jean and George.

imageimageimageAnnabel Tan, George Young, Tommy Wee & Jean Danker

When the day was over, I was presented a beautiful box with an assortment of Lipton tea and basic cocktail making tools. I can’t tell you how stoked I was. Really.  (I ADORE KITCHEN TOOLS)image

And with my apothecary tendencies, I guess my Lipton affair & fanTEAstic cuppa stories have only just begun. Here’s to many lovely rainy days with a hot cup of Lipton tea & countless sunny summer days with a Lipton Mocktail or Cocktail. Cheers!


For more information about the event, do visit Lipton Singapore Facebook Page and get inspired:


And if you do have the inspiration to create your very own Lipton creation, do share it with us by hashtagging #LiptonMomentSG
Have fun!

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Vision Redefined. Life Redefined. (Sponsored advertorial for Samsung Asia)

A hiatus is beautiful.

Especially working on projects you’re interested in, catching up with friends and people you love, snapping shots, finishing a book trilogy all at once, sleeping in, doing a Pilates workout at any time of the night & watching your favourite TV dramas, an entire season at a time. #bliss

So much of that happens on my phone that it’s bursting. Laptops are great, but not after a whole day of meetings, and then top that with an event at night! I’ve had to hide mine under event reception tables AND DJ consoles too many times because sometimes, the laptop bag just doesn’t go with any outfit.

Just two weeks ago, I decided to introduce a new guy into my life. He’s smooth, bronze and intelligent
The perfect guy.
Almost. I mean he spends a lot of time in my bed these days.


Alright, recalibrate… To cope with the enormous pursuits of life…
I gave the new Samsung GALAXY Tab S a go.

image*Disclaimer: I’m not the swiftest interface learner, but hey, I’m found smacked within a generation made for change. I mean we’re the pager to mobile phone generation. VCR & Cassettes to CD, LD, MD, dvd… you name it.

Now, let’s be superficial for a sec- looks and size. (Just in case you’re lost, we’ve moved on from the perfect guy)

In my opinion, the dream for fashion & technology? It looks like Sleek, Slim, Tablet with life-like Resolution.

At 10.5 inch and light weight, (please see)


I could slot it in my new revolver clutch from Love and Bravery and many of my handbags. Super lightweight, I almost forgot it’s there till it tinkled to remind me of my next meeting. (Syncing emails is an absolute no brainer)


Mobility is a huge must for me. Some days, I’m just out the entire day & night (needing copious amounts of good coffee). Whether it’s locally or on overseas trips & camps, I need to read, watch & listen & bring that everywhere that I possibly can. Just the other night, I squeezed in a Pilates workout at 2 am when I couldn’t sleep. The size and resolution made it a perfect mobile studio.   



Like every other person from the digital age, I snap a lot of photos - of people, and lil things I find beautiful or spot God’s finger on. My phone’s always almost full so on days when I’m on-the-go, I’ve been using the new GALAXY Tab S for quick shots along the way (& of course, selfies/wefies hurhur).


With the Super AMOLED Display resolution is INSANE & stretches the battery life. (WE NEED THAT)
“ Vision Redefined”? - that’s being really humble.

Okay guys, I’m not gonna bore you with tech talk but just trust the girl who lives, breathes colour and who loves high vivid contrasts, that the clarity is realer than life (is there such a word,” realer”?) as it delivers immersive viewing experience with richer colours and deeper contrast

Another thing that I love is it’s ability to adjust to different lightings intuitively. The Adaptive Display automatically adjusts colour, sharpness and contrast according to your usage and environment. For instance, if you switch from watching a movie to reading an e-Book, the screen adjusts itself to give you an optimised display. 


This makes reading articles, viewing movies, editorials or Instagram photos such a perf experience whether you’re indoor, outdoor, in a dark room or as many Singaporeans are, on-the-train and waiting around.


Prepping for my wedding, I’m (finally) looking through design ideas and wedding photos, email corresponding with caterers, suppliers and a whole lot more. (YAY & ARGH) 

Visuals, form and function are key for D ( and I now. As we start the whole process, the Samsung GALAXY Tab S has been and will be a gem in putting this whole thing together. Pus browsing through wedding catalogues on the GALAXY Tab S no longer requires me having to charge every 2 hours. I’m really impressed with it battery life, lasting up to 10 hours! I’ll share more of that & some of our wedding pics + plans in another post!

Till then, I say triple thumbs up & give it a go! Thank you Samsung Asia for this chance to review this fab gadget!


Some details if you’re keen on the GALAXY Tab S!

FREE Samsung Book Cover worth $78# / $98^ with every purchase of GALAXY Tab S.  Valid while stocks last.
# For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (8.4”)
^ For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (10.5”)

Retail Price:
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948 
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

Available in Dazzling White & Titanium Bronze

If you’re interested to find out more about the Samsung GALAXY Tab S and their great deals, visit

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