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On Dates, Wedding (in)Activity & Husband Material – Samsung GALAXY Tab S Advertorial

Pre-Wedding Chronicles

In the past, I’ve always thrived on the energy of “it’s REALLY happening tomorrow!” - nothing else could move me.

“The power of potential energy is strong with this child.”

Simply put, that’s a glorified way of me ‘fessin up that I’m a last minute force of nature and I will stretch that elastic band as far as I can, only to catapult into action within seconds.

But yes, that’s not always good.
So we learn and attempt change.

These days, I plan. 

imageQuick read & schedule reminder while waiting during a coffee run

In my progressively organised chaos, I do a few things,
a) Collaborate with strong planners on projects

b) Lock down planned meetings into my calendar IMMEDIATELY

c) Get a bird’s eye view of life that week at a glance and then adjust so I can have some free days to…snooze and bake.

Along the way, I try to make life simpler with tech gadgets. I have too many for my liking, but I’ve learnt to identify the keepers. At the end of the day, some gadgets are what I call a “HOT FLING” , a quick burst, a hype and all too quickly, its over- and a few emerge as “HUSBAND Material”.


My Husband Material list in no order of preference:

  • Intuitive & friendly. He gets you; your friends get along with him.  Slim, good-looking & easy-going.
  • He’s easy to bring out & you’re not embarrassed to take him anywhere!
  • X-factor, always offering you that something eXXXtra
  • Vibrant outlook, so life is a lil more… vivid & special
  • Work & play, he’s there for you.
  •  Intelligent & has a life! -  Substantial thoughts & great ideas? YES please!
  • Generous giver
  •  Great sense of touch, so things …feel good
  •  Stamina, you know, for endurance!
  • You feel weird without him

After going on all sorts of dates with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, it’s pretty much shaping up to be “Husband Material”. Its sleek design, amazing visual experience with the Super AMOLED Display, longer battery life, Adaptive Display, ultra mobility & premium content and services with over 30 exclusive content and privileges worth more than $1,000 in GALAXY Gifts and GALAXY Life He It keeps me well satiated & occupied!

If you’re like me and reading/flipping mags is your thing, you’re in for a treat, I’ve since downloaded The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and NY Times for quick reads, they first two come with a free 6 months and the third a free 12 months subscription. They kept me happily fuelled during my short flight abroad recently.

SPH Magazines like Herworld, Female and Simply Her can also be downloaded and there’s a complementary free 3 magazine issues! There’s also Marvel Unlimited where you download free 3 months subscription of Marvel comics! I think my good pal Steve who’s a Marvel geek will enjoy that tremendously.

There’s really something for everyone, I’ve been checking out GigOut! PLUS for discounts and updates on concerts especially after my awesome F1 concert experience – Robbie Williams in the pouring rain! SO GOOD.


Here’s a snapshot at some of the GALAXY Gifts offered for more details, please visit the Samsung GALAXY Tab S website


The Samsung GALAXY Tab S also unveils a special feature, SideSync 3.0, which offers seamless connectivity between GALAXY smartphone and tablet. Once you set up SideSync 3.0 with your GALAXY smartphone and GALAXY Tab S, you can view your phone screen on the tablet, transfer data, copy & paste text easily. You can even make and receive voice calls* on the GALAXY Tab S. I find that a pretty nifty idea if your gadgets are all from the Samsung family!

(*Do note that compatible device is currently limited to GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE. More devices are in the pipeline!)


Some “dates” with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S:



A snuggly one in bed, where I managed to enjoy the intuitive Adaptive Display features of the tablet under bright sunlight and after I drew the curtains. Love how it adjusts itself to the different light intensities so my eyes don’t get blinded too quickly!

At meetings:
imagePlanning G/G a recent epic Art Exhibition with Kenneth, Chuan and Aiken (in the picture teaching me Samsung short cuts)


And a Funny moment on the bus! This elderly grandma was sitting next to me soaked in her Chinese dramas, and I was next to her watching my US dramas. Screen clarity on my GALAXY Tab S was seriously amazing. Such a funny sight though, we both had earphones on & were totally immersed. #samesamebutdifferent


The “Husband Material” talk brings me to the WEDDING subject.

So the whole “YAY WEDDING, I CAN’T WAIT TO BE A BRIDE” thing?
Nope, not me.
I am soo chill that it’s hilarious and now after the warnings from my married peers, I’m like a disgruntled bag lady trying to make sense of this.

But between Darius & I, we really trust God & He has been so real and good. We’ve manage to capture some funny and beautiful moments over the past month.


Sneaks from a bridal shoot featured on The Wedding Scoop, showcasing Marchesa gowns from The Atelier Bridal & a whole team of amazing collaborators! The wedding stylist, photographer, florist, makeup & hair, nails, cake!

Simply Overwhelmed.

Even though this wasn’t our personal shoot, it was an amazing afternoon & we thank God for the chance to be part of the magic!image



Flowers and golden butterflies in my hair. SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS.

Some behind-the-scenes snaps:image




At the end of the shoot, I snapped some shots of the amazing flower wall set-up with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S.


Inspiring stuff!

With the support from our loved ones & organisation help in the form of my portable planner - the Galaxy Tab S, maybe we can actually do this! 


As we ride off into the sunset here’s some details quick details about the Samsung GALAXY Tab S! For more information, visit

Retail Price:

Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698
Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948 
Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848 
Available in Dazzling White & Titanium Bronze

#GALAXYTabS #SuperAMOLEDtablet #seeittobelieveit

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Ginza Calla – Japanese IPL Hair-Removal Experience (Advertorial)

Pre-Wedding Chronicles: Today it’s about Hair-Removal!

We’ve heard them all, I think I’ve possibly tried them all: shaving, bleaching, waxing, & IPL in varying degrees of intensity.

But none quite like this one.

I recently tried out Ginza Calla, a Japanese IPL Hair-Removal Specialist Store whose “ultimate purpose is to take care of your skin and make you glow every day”.

Before I set foot on their new store in Plaza Singapura (they launched in May 2014), I thought, Okay, it’s IPL, I know how this goes. But uh-uh *waves a finger*, I’m not sure if it’s the Japanese style of excellence or something, at each step of the way, everything about my experience took me by surprise -  there’s always that something extra!

It’s not just hair removal but the best of that plus an added touch of skincare and pampering.

Here’s my bona-fide experience in a nutshell!

My visit began with a consultation and a cup of tea.
A thorough questionnaire was given to me to fill-up asking important questions on my health, skin conditions and areas I am keen on targeting.

Next, I spent some time with my consultant and therapist, Nicki, who gave me a clear introduction on how Ginza Calla sets itself apart with its specialised IPL hair-removal & skin pampering treatment as an effective combination.

We decided that for my treatments leading up to the wedding, I should try a small part - my fingers,
a couple of large parts - like my lower hand and upper back since I’m wearing a tube dress,
and I also requested for a Brazillian IPL treatment!

I was really curious to see how the treatment will feel right after the consultation.

And the burning question was : Will it hurt or not? 

I mean the Brazilian area is one of the most delicate areas. As for the back, I never really thought about that since we don’t usually look behind us, but it’s such a smart idea and I had to give it a go. Trust the Japanese to think of everything!

The whole process was really pleasant; I put my things into a built-in locker and changed into a comfortable button-down gown and disposable undies. As I was targeting quite a few areas that day, two therapists started me on the treatments immediately. Ginza Calla prides themselves in providing a great experience for their clients AND efficiency so that the process is comfortable and fast.

All prepped and ready!

The areas I was targeting were first shaved down by an electric shaver (and not the manual one’s that can be quite slow and abrasive). Next, the therapist spread on a generous amount of cold gel to soothe the skin and started the high intensity IPL treatment. The process was literally PAINLESS for the back and hands.

The Brazillian areas were slightly more sensitive so my experienced therapist put extra cold gel and topped it up as she went along to ensure my skin was cool and calm. 

The post-treatment step was the winner for me. Unlike most IPL specialists, Ginza Calla uses its very own researched and developed “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI”, a gorgeously luscious moisturizing lotion that aims to make your skin truly beautiful and supple. I absolutely loved this process!

My skin was treated to an amazing high-pressured cool blast of soothing moisturiser from their unique moisturizing machine. This moisturising cool blast nourishes skin with 6 beautifying luscious nutrients including Hyarulon, Collagen and organic herbs. The moisturising effect after IPL helps settle the temperature of the skin, and my skin left feeling more moisturised and soft than before the treatment.
Pretty SHiOK! (as us Singaporeans would say) 

I later on found out that the “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI” lotion was also used during pre-IPL treatment when the therapist applied it on the targeted areas to prep and calm the skin! 

Overall, the only sensations I felt was the cold from the gel, the cool blast mist & cold towel at the end. For something like IPL, I’d take cool & calm over hot jumpy stings any day.

Definitely something to smile about!

An additional factor that helped assure me as a customer was Ginza Calla’s 9 Declarations of Safety such as, no pushy sales or “hard sell” as we Singaporeans are used to encountering, no reusing of gels as some salons do (grosse I know!), no hidden costs, availability of doctor support & others!


Staring from the month of October 2014, here’s some great promotions for you and your girl friends to try, remember to quote “itsAnnabel/ Annabel Tan” for the promotional price!

1)      Only $2 for any “Small Parts Unlimited” when you purchase your first “Small parts Unlimited” plan at $388.

Here’s a chart of the areas included under the “Small Part Unlimited” plan!

2)      Brazilian Unlimited campaign

The Brazilian area is the most delicate area of your body and Ginza Calla not only specialises in hair-removal of the intimate area, they make sure that your skin is taken care of and kept soft and supple!

*Please Note: The Brazilian area IPL varies on each individual and in most cases it usually takes at least 3 sessions for results to show and at least 12 - 18 sessions for a truly fuzz-free Brazilian area. 12 -18 sessions may or may not be sufficient. To get the best value for money and to ensure that lifelong maintenance is included, the unlimited package works best! And I bet you’ll be going more than 18 times.

It’s usually priced at $68 for 3 sessions of Full Brazillian or you can opt for (highly recommended) the unlimited full Brazillian IPL for a special price of $2,380.

3)      $50 Unlimited Plan on Any 1 of the following 4 parts: Underarm/ Upper Lip/ Back of Hands & Fingers/ Toes and Feet.  This promo is available for a limited time only!

For customers purchasing the promotion 1 & 2, you will also be entitled to get 1 free sea-plant mineral mask which contains nourishing ingredients that will help eliminate dullness and un-even skin tone while soothing and calming your skin.

These promotions are offered when you mention my name at the consultation! Feel free to give the team a call at +65-6238-8850 for a consultation and to find out more.

I’m positive that you’ll enjoy the pain-free, fuss-free and pampering sessions like I did!

For more information please visit


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PRE-WEDDING CHRONICLES : The Bride to Be Speaketh

OH HELLO. October is here.

Wake me up when September ends,because that means I have officially THREE months left to the WEDDING DAY!

Yes - I’m a firm advocate of being a chill pill bride, I do not overrate that one day in a lifetime of marriage but yes, I think at the three month mark… GIRL~ YOU BETTER START DOING SOMETHING!

So to help me smile through the process I’ve been dreading, I’m going to chronicle my three months journey leading up to what I declare to be my FUNNEST DAY ever. And in this journey, I’ll be featuring my picks on:

& whatever we discover along the way!

DISCLAIMER: No, it will not be an atas, elaborate affair filled with an overload of ambitions and fields of flowers…
It will be a simpler, probably on a budget
but with three main goals in mind:

Goal Number 1

That it will be a super fun two days that blesses every guest’s heart. Despite a simpler setting, we hope that every guest will feel cared for & enjoy themselves tremendously! It’s a party about us & God yes, but it’s really all about them celebrating alongside too, if not, they won’t be invited. 

No seriously. Lol.

I guess at the end of that night, especially Day 1 when our solemnistation takes place, I hope everyone leaves thinking, hey that was genuinely heartwarming & really fun, the vibe was amazing, there is a God, those two funny kids are blessed & you know what, there is hope yet.

Goal Number 2

That my helpers will have a blast & really enjoy what they’ve been invited to do! I’ve heard quite a few awkward stories where the bride turns into medusa (because bridezilla is just too mainstream) and everyone hates what they’re doing. :( Please no.

Goal Number 3

D & I will have a really hilarious and fun time planning this and see God breakthrough for us in areas of finances, home-searching, planning (without killing each other) & at the end of it all, an awesome marriage & kickass sex. Act demure all you want, let the truth be told & heard!


I hope this will help brides to be & awesome women everywhere to worry less and enjoy the process whether you’re the “born to be married” type, 1 year in advance, 6 months in advance or er.. the chill pill till it’s three months before type (like yours truly).



#DarBeLWeds #DariusandAnnabel

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Today in a lovely @loveandbravery piece picking out my something blue and lacy with @TriumphSG&#160;! 💙

Today in a lovely @loveandbravery piece picking out my something blue and lacy with @TriumphSG ! 💙

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Triumph Forever Young Collection - Media Launch

Our world is obsessed with youth.

A dermatologist I spoke to mentioned that, purely aesthetically speaking, youth is the key component of beauty. Without youth, you lose that “spark”, no matter how much botox his patients ask for, what separates two similarly bone structured women is that youthful twinkle. 

Youthful skincare, youthful silhouettes and now, the era of anti-bust aging has begun.

Triumph’s Forever Young Collection is perfectly poised to provide the perfect shape and support every women needs at every stage of her life for a timeless, youthful look.

We attended the launch of their Forever Young Collection at the Red Dot Design Museum and learnt some invaluable lessons on how, just like everything natural in life, age and the effects of gravity do take its toll.


Guests were introduced to the new range with a panel discussion on bust ageing.


It’s no phenomenon of course, but to boldly discuss how our womanly curves are the first to sag through a public discourse with women (all curvy I noticed!) and an aesthetic surgeon, well, I guess it makes sense.

I mean, we now live in a digital era of full disclosure & the need to discuss everything in an almost exhibitionist-ic manner makes it about time that boobs and intimates are included. I mean take a lesson from Angelina Jolie and her double mastectomy

I particularly enjoyed the part where a model stood behind a white screen and showed the before & after silhouette of her figure without the bra and with it on.



(Okay I was mainly impressed at how quickly she put it on THE RIGHT WAY, both my girl friend and I leaned over at that point and whispered something about the way we wear our bras. And, I’ll leave it at that.) But please check out the difference

The fashion show displayed Triumph’s Forever Young collection, with the use of lace and the this season’s hues.



Final line-up, shapewear was also included:



Working it. Bet they could twerk to emphasise the support they’re getting!


With the giant rose. I don’t have a witty line for this.


After the show with the lovely DJs, @CharmainePhua and @HelloKaein​ (follow em’ on instagram!)

Now in our media goodie bag, Triumph provided a bust meter which helps women (and mm men too I guess) discover their bust age, feel the joys and despair of their boobs’ ideal perkiness:age, and in so doing, cajole us to do something about it!



Yes, it looks funny, the girls giggle and I’ve seen many guys stare at it like its an alien, and then pick it up to try it. But…Discovering your bust age is really as easy as ABC (or D,E and double D thank you) – simply use the bust meter and place it against your bust in the privacy of your own home or head down to the Triumph store for a professional evaluation or request for a bust meter to take home!

Here’s to living life with your head held high, with that bounce in your step, whatever your cup’s like - half full or half empty.

The PUNS are F.O.C, Enjoy & have a superb week ladies!



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